Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Blog

So I don't know how to type in Japanese at only. Only korean and english. I have never had any experience with Japanese language, so this is my first time. I've heard that if you know Korean before you learn Japanese it's easier. So far it hasn't been too hard, just a lot of memorizing and practicing at home. During class it's pretty fast pace so I seem lost but next day of class I'm good to go I guess.

Onto introducing myself. Watashi wa Chris Yun desu. People call me Christy though. Seattle kara kimashita. Hatachi sai desu. So I'm a EALAC major and that is one reason why I'm taking Japanese. My main language is Korean (go figure) since I'm Korean. I'm hoping only people in our Japanese class can read this. The thought of internet stalkers scare me. Call me crazy but I am taking Korean, Japanese, AND Chinese this semester. Yeah, pretty very really time consuming but I love learning new languages. I don't know how long this has to be so until next time, bye!


yukki said...


I've been to Seattle several times and love the city. I wish I could live there... it's much closer to Japan than NY!

I understand your concerns about Internet stalkers. You don't have to worry too much, but you may use your first or last name only not to reveal too much about yourself.

Look forward to reading more (^^)/

Ken Switzer said...

Hi Kris. I'm an EALAC major as well. And I would agree that you are crazy for taking all those classes at once!!! LOL. Do you like Seattle better or New York? I've never been to Seattle. I heard it rains alot there, so I guess it could be kind of like Dublin.
Sometimes i have a hard time keeping up in class with the pace. I can hear all of the sounds in my mind, but trying to physically say the words, I feel like I'm stuttering.

グレン ヒルズ said...

yun san, ohayo gozaimasu! Like kris and yourself, I am also an EALAC major. How long have you been in NY? The closest I've been to Seattle is Portland. I hope to finally get out there in the next year or so. ja mata.

Ken Switzer said...

Yes you are crazy for taking all those classes at once!!! LOL. Have you ever been to Ireland or the UK?

Ken Switzer said...

What do you think of the language lab?

Mee Hyun said...

こんばんは!Korean, Japanese AND Chinese? Wow...that's a lot of time. How's it going so far? You should bring your dog to class more often. ^_^