Monday, September 24, 2007

So Tired

Hello all. I am blogging for the second time! woohoo! I have too little time to do everything from homework, studying, practicing (the 3 languages), working Friday and Saturdays all day! I am very drained I must say. All summer I was getting 8-9 hours of sleep. Now I am sleeping anywhere between 2-5 hours every day! I'm super lucky to get 7 hours of sleep. How sad! Sleep is my long lost friend now. Sorry to keep this short and uninteresting but I really am enjoying learning Japanese. The language classes are my all time favorite classes at Columbia. It might even be second after kindergarten class of coloring and napping. =D lol.


Ken Switzer said...

Actually I'm not from Dublin I'm from a town called Tralee, but when I think of rainy big cities, London and Dublin are my points of reference. I've done Kendo for about 9 years.

Ken Switzer said...

Yeah..... I miss sleep too....sleep was such a good friend....too bad he had to go.... lol.

yukki said...

おはようございます。Did you sleep well? I can't believe you can live on only 2-5 hr sleep... It's not good for your health! こんばん、9じにねてください!

Is the Japanese class that good, but not as good as kindergarten class? What a comparison! But I'm glad to hear that you enjoy learning Japanese.

Mee Hyun said...

Hehe...thank you for agreeing to oblige my request that you bring your dog to class again some time! Which Korean are you taking? You definitely need to get more sleep...I would only be able to keep up what you're doing for a few days and then I'd crash...

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