Thursday, October 11, 2007

Missy Elliot Video has にほんご!

それからにほんごのクラスー旗しわlookedfor the lyrics in にほんご in "Get Your Freak On" by Missy Elliot.

So it goes like this:


Can someone translate the whole thing? I only know some of the words.

Also at the end of the song they count: いちにさんし。


yukki said...

ビデオをありがとうございます!Yeah, they really say これからみんなでめちゃくちゃおどってさわごうさわごう and いちにさんし!


Tokyogrrl1202 said...

hi! I'm from UVa, and I'm taking Japanese 101 too.
I love this video and I always wondered what he was saying in Japanese. I also wondered why there is a horde of creepy grudge kids in the white body powder...

LaurenRiley said...

That is very creative. I never heard the Japanese words in that song before.

Sara G said...

I think the music video is great!

Catria said...
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Catria said...

I think it says "start now everyone start carelessly(?) mess around " ok thats a horrible translation.

Christy said...

actually that translation is pretty good. I believe in my class ふかいせんせい said it's something like, "everyone lets get together and make lots of noise." So you were pretty much on the dot!

Anonymous said...

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